Bite-sized chunks

Sun 24 August 2014 by Rick Gilmore

I'm running again. Or, I should say I'm running consistently 3 or 4 times a week. Not far yet, and not fast. As my dad would say, I'm "half-fast." My initial goal is to run consistently, with less emphasis on distance and speed. Good habits are hard to make, so I'm focusing on making this a habit, not a fad. It helps that I have a Suunto Ambit2 watch that clocks my distance, path, and heart rate.

I'm trying a similar scheme in skill learning. Normally, I'm a dabbler. I like to try-out new skills, and my bookshelf shows. But, I often don't keep focused long enough to reach beyond the advanced beginner stage. My current goals are to become fluent enough in Python to write code I actually need in my work, and to freshen up my CSS and HTML enough to create decent static websites from scratch. To do this, I'm borrowing the strategy I'm using in my exercise regime -- work consistently on a regular basis in small blocks of time.

This post, using the python-based site generator Pelican is a first step on that path.

Maybe someone should create the equivalent of coding 5Ks and 10Ks. Geeks like t-shirts, right? Couch-to-JavaScript-enabled site anyone?