We are live

Mon 08 September 2014 by Rick Gilmore


Databrary is now in public beta! You can see materials that authorized investigators have made public by going here. Note that you can tell this item is shared with the public or "Everybody" because of the big blue marble image in the "Shared With" section in the image above.

At the moment, people are sharing a few videos from displays that have appeared in published studies like this one and some illustrative metadata about studies and their participants that will be useful for meta-analysis. It's a relatively short list of materials, but it should give you a feel for what the site will be like once more people are sharing.

Now, many of the materials shared with Databrary cannot be shared with the public, only with authorized investigators. That's because Databrary enforces the requirement that identifiable materials can only be shared with the permission of the people depicted in recordings and with researchers who meet strict eligibility criteria. To help make this possible, we've created templates that researchers can adapt for their own protocols.

Here's a list of authorized investigators and those people who've registered, but are awaiting final approval from their institutions. To see Databrary's protected materials, you have to become an authorized investigator or have an authorized investigator agree to sponsor you as an affiliate investigator.

Let us know what you think about the Databrary beta. We're excited to share.


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